The lanterns were released into the sky at 7:30 pm and ended the night's festivities.

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The Lights for Nashville was held at Burdoc Farms in Crofton, KY instead of within city limits to ensure safety.

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Rose Smith, an event coordinator, said, "the event is very inspirational, and it allows me to help others cherish their loved ones like I do in more ways than memories."

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Photo Essay

In my photo essay, I decided to cover what happens during The Lights Festival. I wanted viewers to experience the magic as I did.


For my infographic, I decided to address the concern about the environment and animal safety expressed to me by several people when I posted a video of the event online. You can view this video below.

Audio Story

For my audio story, I decided to bring light to the Agricultural Museum. I felt not enough people knew about it and thought everyone could benefit from the knowledge of our agriculture's history.


Social Media Video

In my social media video, I wanted to share with people how professors and students feel about cell phone usage in the classroom. While some appreciate what a phone can do, others just want students to engage in discussions to help with learning.

Twitter Story

Our group chose to cover the Lady Raider's basketball game against Kentucky on November 10, 2019. The angle I went with was how the team responds to winning or losing. This Twitter feed shows how they respond to losing with some audio files from two team members and the coach.

Reporter Package

In my reporter package, I wanted to bring awareness to the importance of a healthy diet while in college. I wanted everyone to see that it wasn't impossible to obtain.